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Libertarian for U.S. Senate Pennsylvania 2018


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No More Career Politicians

Term Limits

It's time we fight back in Washington; term limits are a good place to start! How about we go back to the private sector after our time is up?  Do this and we will eliminate the career politicians in Washington.

Political Pensions

When we give politicians pensions, they treat the office as if it were a career. Our government was designed by the founders with the intent of providing a service to your country. Eliminate the incentive to stay, and they will go. 


The only lobbyists that should matter are the citizens. When we create a system of career politicians that can be bought in order to keep being re-elected, we allow the lobbyists to control our country. Quickly our leadership forgets who is important. 

ATR Pledge Signer

Dale Kerns Signed the Pledge!

Dale Kerns signed the Americans for tax reform pledge. The pledge states that he will oppose any and all forms of tax increases. 

Dale Kerns Announces Candidacy

Libertarian Announces Candidacy



Grassroots Bill- End the war on drugs

Dale Kerns is dedicated to ending the war on drugs, by opening free markets to solve the addiction problem we face. On March 12th 2017 Dale Kerns will hold a Town Hall event to begin a grassroots bill drafted by people affected the most by the drug war. The "Addiction Is Not A Crime Bill" will be born on that day. This day would had also been his Cousin Dan's birthday. Dan died from a fatal overdose in 2015. 


Economic Failure

The War on drugs has failed us in many ways. Economics proves that spending more money from a government standpoint has not worked. Government continues to expand programs to "stop drug use" and as they do the opposite results occur. We must look into something else. Dale Kerns believes the free market and treating addiction from a healthcare perspective is the best answer. 


Heroin Overdose Deaths Rise

The amount of people dying is a direct result of the war on drugs coupled with neglecting the real problems addicts face. We need a commonsense approach to solving this problem.