Economy and Jobs

Government Cuts

Government needs real cuts in wasteful spending. With a national debt that is over $19 Trillion we need to treat this as a priority instead of election rhetoric. A Balanced Budget Amendment would be a common sense step toward in the right direction. The next step is removing career politicians that have one goal, re-election. I propose eliminating political pensions as a way to remove the entitlement system that keeps these career politicians in office; and in bed with lobbyists.

Bring Back Free Enterprise

We allow crony capitalism and other lobbyist organizations to force their way on the market and on employees. We need to allow the free markets, free enterprise to make America what it once was. We became a great nation by allowing innovation, by entrepreneurial freedom taking us to new heights. We need to find this again. Taking minimum wages, prevailing wages, and government/ corporate relationships out of the market place will lead us to prosperity.

ATR Pledge Signer

In Washington DC the two old parties bail out big business and do it with our hard earned money. It is time we end government handouts across the board. When you need Washington they are not there; but when their cronies need Washington- you are there! We must shrink government and allow the economy to grow. Dale Kerns has signed the pledge from Americans for Tax Reform and will oppose all tax increases. Freedom means choices, and freedom relies on less taxes!