Foreign Policy

Stop Policing The World

We cannot afford to be a global police force. We cannot afford it, it does not make us more safe, nor do we have the authority to tell people what to do. We put a target on our backs by intervening. Lets focus on keeping America safe.

Strong National Defense

Our soldiers and veterans are taken advantage of in Washington. Politicians send them off to fight without a declaration of war, and without a plan of action to win.

We need a common sense foreign policy, free from the United Nations. When we are forced to war, acting in self defense, our troops should have the decency of a plan to bring them home safely with a victory.

Take Care of Our Troops

After returning home our troops must know they will be taken care of.

Currently, too many soldiers are left abandoned when they return home. Many veterans struggle to reintegrate back into society and struggle in isolation with the PTSD and other mental issues. Many struggle to hold down a full time job and some find themselves homeless. We owe those who defend our freedoms our support when they return home to their family.