Freedom and Liberty

Why would you want to fight for someone else to control your life? Dale Kerns wants to fight for you to have control.

A free society is a prosperous place. ¬†Unfortunately, in today’s political climate Washington produces more and more legislation that further infringes on individual liberty.

Politicians fail to protect individual rights and auction of your liberty to appease special interests. Many politicians have no issue advocating for the use the force of government to dictate the most intimate and private aspects of your life. This must stop.


Addiction is Not a Crime

Grassroots Bill- End the war on drugs

Dale Kerns is dedicated to ending the war on drugs, by opening free markets to solve the addiction crisis in America. On March 12, 2017 Dale Kerns held a Town Hall to begin a grassroots bill drafted by people affected the most by the drug war. The “Addiction Is Not A Crime” Bill was born on that day in celebration of Dale’s cousin Dan’s birthday. Dan died from a fatal overdose in 2015.

Economic Failure

The War on drugs has failed us in many ways. Spending more money on government programs has not worked. Government continues to expand programs to “stop drug use” despite clear evidence that show the programs actually lead to growth in use and abuse. Dale Kerns believes in the free market and treating addiction as a health issue. Addicts need help, they don’t need to be punished.

Heroin Overdose Deaths Rise

The amount of people dying is a direct result of the war on drugs coupled with neglecting the real problems addicts face. We need a common sense approach to solving this problem, starting with the “Addiction is not a Crime” Bill.

Career Politicians

Washington is broken. Every election cycle the two old parties run candidates who are already bought and paid for. When they get to Washington they don’t have YOUR best interest in mind, they are beholden to BIG money special interests.

There is a way to break this cycle. There is a way to CHANGE the system. In order to change the system we need to elect principled political leaders who place constituents ahead of special interests. We need to break the cycle. We need to stop sending these career politicians back to Washington!

Let’s put an end to the career politician by taking away political pensions and adding term limits. If they do not have the incentive to stick around, maybe they can get down to business and go back to the private sector.

The War on Drugs

The war on drugs coupled with a failing criminal justice system has failed our communities. Not only has drug prohibition failed to eradicate drugs from society, it’s actually made our communities less safe!

Prohibition didn’t work with alcohol and it certainly has not work with street drugs. When a substance is prohibited, the demand does not evaporate, rather the market for the good is pushed to the black market, where violence is far too often used to resolve disputes. Prohibition leads to more violence, more addiction and more non violent citizens being locked in cages.

The heroin epidemic is a plague that is killing more people than automobile accidents. Washington’s repeating the same failed policy over and over has not worked!

We need to end mandatory minimums, end for profit prisons, and end the war on drugs. Addiction is not a crime, let doctors treat people instead of caging them up like animals.

Monetary Policy

Our economy is a series of bubbles waiting to burst. The Federal Reserve is the root cause behind this boom and bust economy. They fuel the bubbles that drive money into the hands of the wealthy, while the average citizen struggles to keep up pace with rising inflation.

We need to return to sound money that is backed by gold and silver, rather than a fiat currency where the money is printed in order to keep wealth in the hands of the bankers and politicians. We need competition in money.

Let’s also allow for competing currencies and abolish the legal tender laws. Let’s end the inflation tax, audit the Federal Reserve and expose this system; and restore the purchasing power of the people. But it does not end there- we also must roll back regulations, stop taxing our people and businesses to death, and promote free enterprise.

Economy and Jobs

Government Cuts

Government needs real cuts in wasteful spending. With a national debt that is over $19 Trillion we need to treat this as a priority instead of election rhetoric. A Balanced Budget Amendment would be a common sense step toward in the right direction. The next step is removing career politicians that have one goal, re-election. I propose eliminating political pensions as a way to remove the entitlement system that keeps these career politicians in office; and in bed with lobbyists.

Bring Back Free Enterprise

We allow crony capitalism and other lobbyist organizations to force their way on the market and on employees. We need to allow the free markets, free enterprise to make America what it once was. We became a great nation by allowing innovation, by entrepreneurial freedom taking us to new heights. We need to find this again. Taking minimum wages, prevailing wages, and government/ corporate relationships out of the market place will lead us to prosperity.

ATR Pledge Signer

In Washington DC the two old parties bail out big business and do it with our hard earned money. It is time we end government handouts across the board. When you need Washington they are not there; but when their cronies need Washington- you are there! We must shrink government and allow the economy to grow. Dale Kerns has signed the pledge from Americans for Tax Reform and will oppose all tax increases. Freedom means choices, and freedom relies on less taxes!

Second Amendment

“I think the Constitution speaks for itself. Nowhere does it read, hunting, gun collection, or target shooting. It also doesn’t read magazines of a certain size, having to leave your gun at home, or a restriction of any kind. I would oppose any and all restrictions on the second amendment. ”
— Dale Kerns