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Disney Gifts for Kids and Adults That Are Exactly Like the Movies!!!

Their adoration for Disney — the theme parks, movies, and characters — is unfathomable. So, of course, you know they’d love nothing more than a little “faith, trust, and fairy dust” on their birthday morning. And, while they’d prefer tickets to Disney World or Disneyland beneath the tree, these Disney gifts, suitable for children, teenagers, adults, and everyone in between, are a close second.

With these one-of-a-kind online gift delivery ideas, you can capture the charm of Mickey, Minnie, and their friends. Find something for the Disney fan who can’t stop talking about their recent trip to the park (a personalized print of Cinderella’s castle) or the pal who’s all packed and ready to go (a nylon tote in Mickey’s traditional colours).

However, it’s possible that the person you’re shopping for is a movie buff. In that situation, consider a 3D puzzle shaped after the main character from their favourite Disney+ show or film (obviously, Frozen). Even if you believe they have it all (after all, they are one of Disney’s biggest admirers), you’re likely to come across some interesting findings that aren’t currently in their collection.

Advent Calendar from the Storybook Collection:

Who says birthday presents have to be given on December 25th? To begin, unwrap a new short story each night to immerse yourself in the season’s excitement with Mickey and his pals.

Personalized Tote Bag:

Choose from six different colour schemes and personalise her canvas with her name in the classic Disney style. She’ll be able to carry all of her baubles and treasures with ease this way.

Personalized Disney Family Print:

They can never get a good family portrait in front of Cinderella’s castle, no matter how hard they try. Choose from a variety of skin tones, hair hues, and physique shapes until the individuals in the print resemble Disney fans for an outstanding alternative.

Holder for a card:

With this Minnie Mouse-shaped neck pouch, she’ll be reminded of her upcoming Disney vacation. It has two card slots, a zippered bag, and a location for any vital documents, making it ideal for school, business, or travel.

Pullover Sweatshirt for the Holidays:

On their birthday morning, Chip ‘n Dale will keep them company — as long as they’re curled up in this crewneck. For optimal comfort, pair it with flannel PJ bottoms, or put it on with jeans before heading out the door – it’ll look great either way.

Starbucks Reusable Cup with Disney Castle:

People will know what’s on their minds wherever they go: their upcoming trip to Disney World. Choose from 20+ metallic or matte colours to personalise the 24 oz. cup with their name.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Travel Bag:

Several Amazon users laud that they use it as a carry-on for their Disney excursions, calling it the modern-day Mary Poppins bag. The robust zip-top tote is big enough to accommodate a change of clothes, toiletries, gadgets, and gizmos, even if it isn’t quite as big as other weekenders.

Trunk for Princesses:

Provide her with everything she requires to play dress-up. The storage trunk comes brimming with four distinct Disney princess clothes, complete with dresses, jewels, tiaras, and headbands.

Personalized Disney Family Pillow:

With this throw pillow, they can bring Disney into the heart of their house – the family room! Simply email over a list of family members (first names and genders are preferred) and indicate whether you want the pillow stuffed or not.

18K Gold Mickey Mouse Studs:

Give her a pair of 18K gold vermeil studs to bring a little bit of Disney magic into her daily life. Mickey Mouse has never sported a more opulent style!

Coloring Book of Disney Princesses:

This book should be paired with a set of coloured pencils or crayons and send personalized gifts online so that they can colour their way through some of Disney’s most beloved stories, such as Mulan and Frozen.

Jigsaw Puzzle with 3D Crystals:

Even though this problem just contains 41 pieces, it’s still a brain teaser. They can put Belle on display or store it in the toy chest for future play once it’s completed (reviewers indicate it doesn’t take long).

Cast Member Ornament from Disney World:

Even if their dreams of working at Disney have yet to come true, they may deck out their birthday tree with this ornament, which can be personalized to look exactly like the name tags cast members wear in the parks. Allow it to shine on its own, or collect a collection of decorations to represent the entire family.

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