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How to Become a Better Driver in Washington

Drivers who constantly improve their driving skills can reduce the likelihood of an accident. A driving course at a Washington or Monroe driving school is a good starting point. The training will equip drivers with skills to follow necessary precautions and react in the best way during an incident. Here’s an overview of how to become a better driver in Washington.

1. Get the Right Driving License

License applicants in Washington must complete a curriculum featuring 30 hours of classroom instructions and 6 hours of practice driving. The course also includes one hour of behind-the-wheel observation, after which the applicant must pass a driver’s knowledge test. According to the Department of Licensing (DOL), Washington has a pass rate of 46%. License applicants should enroll in the best schools to get the basic training required for all drivers.

2. Take a Defensive Driving Course

Defensive driving courses can refresh the driver’s memory on safe driving practices, including judging distances. Some schools feature online tutorials, but drivers will learn more through behind-the-wheel defensive driving. Most courses take four to eight hours and involve basic guidance and resolving emergencies. They also refresh all safe driving areas, including car inspection, overtaking, parking, cross-country driving, fast-lane use, rest, and more.

3. Check and Adjust the Mirrors

Car mirrors offer side and rear views of the road, allowing the driver to see other users and their movements. Drivers should check and adjust the mirrors before hitting the road, especially if someone else has used the car. When driving, constantly check the mirrors to avoid accidents and keep safe distances before overtaking. The side mirrors should cover most of the ground behind the vehicle and overlap the rear-view mirror to fully view the roadway.

4. Keep a Safe Driving Distance

A safe distance provides enough time to apply the brakes during an emergency. Drivers can ensure a safe distance between their vehicles and the one in front using the three-second rule. According to the rule, drivers should drive at least three seconds behind the car in front. Anything less is too close to react. Count when the car in front passes a sign, pole, or tree. You should take at least three seconds to reach the same landmark.

5. Use Driving Signals

Drivers must use driving lights, indicators, and signals correctly to ensure the safety of road users. Those looking to become better drivers should refresh their training on using driving signals. A turn signal can inform cars behind about an intention to change lanes, turn or slow down. Breakdown signals and hazard lights also let road users know there’s a problem and need to slow down. Drivers should always use and pay heed to signs.

6. Don’t Exceed Speed Limits

Exceeding speed limits can be tempting when driving cross country. Drivers must resist the temptation and stay within recommended speed limits. Speeding is against the law in Washington and will result in a ticket. The limits protect road users and reduce the likelihood of a fatal crash. Drivers should use the speed limits posted on their freeways and highways and slow down as local road signs indicate. 

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7. Treat Other Road Users Courteously 

Road users should treat others with respect and courtesy. Let other drivers enter traffic from a parking lot or side road, provided they don’t impede the regular traffic flow. Slow down when necessary to avoid creating panic, and don’t block intersections. When overtaking other vehicles, use the fast lane and the right indicators. Treating others with respect and courtesy can help free jams and prevent accidents and confrontations.

8. Learn Emergency Basics

Becoming a better driver includes knowing what to do in case of an incident.

Drivers should prepare for an emergency and react fast when such a situation arises. Basic emergency protocols involve stopping at a rest area, safe exit, or parking lot and making the road safer for other users. If the incident is on a highway, pull out of the road and get the hazard signals and signs out immediately.

Get help and wait in the car if it’s safe.

9. Reliable Monroe Driving School

Anyone looking to become a better driver in Washington should consider joining the best Monroe driving school. The best way to improve driving and motor skills is through classroom and behind-the-wheel training.

Choose reputable schools and programs offered by leading offices and first responders.

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